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We try to place every player in a class. If you were unable to find a class or your desired class is full, please click below to receive class opening updates.

Junior Classes

We offer both recreational and competitive paths so players can develop their game according to their skills and personal goals.  For all classes, except PeeWee, the ratio is 6:1


Our recreational path is designed to introduce players to tennis through fun and structured lessons geared towards stroke fundamentals to eventually help them advance to match play in a welcoming environment. This path includes the PeeWee, Red, Orange and Yellow Ball classes. Some of these classes are labeled L2, meaning they are learning to rally. L1 classes indicate players are able to rally comfortably and are ready for match play. 

Our competitive track is designed to help players transition to JTTL, SPEX, and STA tournaments. The focus is on conditioning, strategic decision making under pressure, recognizing individual strengths and weakness in order to exploit them, and supervised match play. Classes in this track include Pre-Academy and Academy.